Hailing from the city of angels, Los Angeles, California, Iridescent is an original electronic rock group originally formed in Tempe, AZ by Steven Young and Adam Teller. Both Adam and Steven were singers for their separate respective bands: Animate Escape and Yesterdays Promise. Steven and Adam met during an improvised jam session with Tyson Stevens from Scary Kids Scaring Kids in a good friends warehouse. Steven and Adam found that they shared a unique musical vision, and began recording songs for what would later become the debut double album "Dreams In Black and White". The album was released on Halloween, 2016 and has been played in regular rotation on Hawaiian alternative radio. Iridescent followed up with an 80's cover EP released on Halloween, 2017.

Visit Iridescent's Bandcamp page to listen to their debut album and 80's cover EP. Two new songs "Aquarius" and "Equinox" will be released spring, 2018. Stay tuned.